Our Signature Program

KeepRite Program

How to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle in this era? Eating mindfully can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by just getting started with DietRite. Enjoy your delicious meals by just simply following our KeepRite Program while achieving your health goals.

WeighRite Program

There are many ways to reduce or gain weight by eating well, but do you know which is the right way? Know your body well and work with our Dietitians and enjoy losing weight with the unique WeighRite Program which help you enjoy delicious meals while keeping your weight within optimum levels.

RecoverRite Program

This RecoverRite program is to help adults that wish to recover after surgery or manage their bodies after a health condition. Working with clinicians, this program is able to work with mild to moderate medical issues, including heart disease, diabetes, pre-diabetes, kidney failure, pre-surgical, confinement, etc.