About Us


DietRite is the first clinically-backed food service provider in Malaysia. The team of professionals consist of Dietitians and Nutritionists, working together with the Chef to plan a menu to achieve the goal of promoting, restoring, and maintaining health.

DietRite aims to make nutritionally-balanced food affordable and available to all because we know the importance of good nutrition and health.

We can customise meals for you, put you on diet plans to help you achieve your goals, or work with your company to meet your employees' or client's health needs.


DietRite works with hospitals, clinics and other healthcare companies to meet their dietary needs. With a team of clinicians to support the service, we are able to provide food that meets your health objectives.


A high fat, low carb diet can be a quick way to lose weight. Our qualified professionals work with you to craft a keto meal plan that helps you achieve a healthy weight and maintain your health.


Every meal produced by DietRite contains lower than average use of salt and sugar. Meals are freshly made to be high in nutrition, and low in preservaties.